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The Only and Most Comprehensive Exhibition of Garment and Ready-to-Wear Sector: GarmentTech İstanbul

GarmentTech İstanbul Garment, Embroidery Machines Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Exhibition is organized by Teknik Fairs, which has more than 30 years of exhibition experience and has made the International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITM a world brand. GarmentTech İstanbul Exhibition, which brings together Turkey’s leading garment machinery manufacturers and representatives of world-renowned brands at İstanbul Expo Center (İFM), is the only and the most comprehensive exhibition of the garment and ready-to-wear sector.

GarmentTech İstanbul Exhibition, organized with the support of GarmentTech İstanbul Exhibition Consultative Committee members and in cooperation with Garment Automation and Machinery Manufacturers Association (KOMİD), hosts professional visitors and global buyers from all over the world.

GarmentTech İstanbul Exhibition showcases all technologies used in garment and ready-to-wear production, from sewing to cutting, ironing systems to packaging, embroidery to printing and denim. The exhibition, where domestic and foreign manufacturers that focus on R&D and innovation meet with global buyers, hosts industry professionals who want to apply new technologies and direct their investments.

The fact that the exhibition is organized in İstanbul, which serves as a bridge connecting the east and the west, makes GarmentTech İstanbul Exhibition a center of attraction.

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